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   Samantha is currently a senior at Newman International Academy in Dallas, Texas.    "Growing up in an urban city, I've seen too many people carelessly litter single-use plastics. The pollution does not stay in Dallas either—it can flow into the Gulf of Mexico via the Trinity River.

   In the future, I plan on creating new forms of renewable energy sources to help combat climate change. Currently, we only have one planet to live on, so we should treat it with love and care. Earth has given us with everything we have ever asked for. Let's do something for Earth in return. Buy a water thermos, repurpose old plastic containers instead of throwing them away, support organizations such as the Ersatz Project by donating, and remember to recycle. Your small actions will build into a big impact, especially if you inspire others."

  Fiona is a senior at the Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES) in Manahawkin, New Jersey. 

  "During my freshman year, I joined Project Terrapin, an initiative to support the Northern Diamondback Terrapin through volunteer, education, and conservation efforts. The organization aligned with my interests in raising awareness of our effect on the environment and mitigation for our impacts. Now I am a proud part of The Ersatz Project and excited to spread awareness about our plastic footprint!

  We must educate ourselves and others of the sustainable alternatives rather than continuing to resort to single use items. Bring your tote bag to the grocery store, carry that clunky 32oz metal water bottle, pull out that reusable straw! Bring back those elementary teachings and do your part for a better future."

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  Devon is a Biochemistry major at the University of Maryland. He is a great advocate for reducing plastic pollution and worked extensively on the video trailers for The Ersatz Project youtube videos.



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