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Our Mission: Helping the Planet, One Bead at a Time

er-satz (adjective): a substitute that is often inferior to the item it replaces.

Stems from the German word "ersetzen", meaning "to replace." 

   Generally, an ersatz product is one people shy away from. It's the diet, fat-free, and sugar-free versions of your favorite unhealthy foods and beverages. However, in the case of plastics, an "inferior" substitute is what the world needs.


   The Ersatz Project aims to aid in the search for a fully biodegradable alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastic products, and give support to larger organizations with similar environmental goals. Instead of keeping our work locked in the laboratory, we want to keep you connected through BioBeads, the bioplastic accessory that serves a greater purpose than just looks. When you donate to Ersatz, you'll be thanked with a BioBead bracelet. It's a beautiful conversation starter that will help you share a story about plastic pollution to all of those who come across it, without adding to the amount of plastic in the oceans.

Why Bioplastic?

   Bioplastics are plastic substitutes that are primarily composed of renewable sources (corn, wood, etc.). Only making up approximately 5% of the plastic produced this year, our mission is to increase public awareness of the potential alternatives to single-use plastics. Inexpensive, environmentally-friendly plastics are desperately needed to reduce the amount plastic that winds up in the ocean, ultimately ending the lives of millions of organisms.


While clean-up is certainly important, the issues that accompany improper disposal cannot be eliminated if the mass production of petroleum-based plastics is not significantly decreased. Almost 18 billion pounds of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean each year; however, the annual removal rate for many large parties and companies is unable to surpass the million pound mark. We believe that this crisis must be tackled from both angles. To do so, we need your help!

What Can You Do?

   Tired of stepping around plastic bags instead of shells while at the beach? To serve your community, make sure your plastics end up in the right spot. Be the one to turn around when you miss throwing your water bottle in the recycling bin instead of walking away! Limit the number of single-use products you use! And last (but not least), please be sure to donate to our cause! Every $5.99 donation will be thanked with a complimentary BioBead bracelet that biodegrades back  into the Earth without adding toxins or causing harm.