Donation Options

Want to get involved with the Ersatz Project? Help support our cause by donating or selling BioBeads!


Option #1: Donation

  • Each $5.00 donation at one of our retailers or on our online store (currently not available) is thanked with a free, fully biodegradable BioBead single bracelet.

Business Options:


The Ersatz Project

Replacing Plastic with Sustainable Alternatives

Option #1: Franchise*

  • A business may donate either $75, $125, $175, or $300 to the Ersatz Project.

  • Brick and mortar businesses will receive a 12, 20, 30, or 50-quantity palette of bracelets to sell based off of the donation. 

  • Business profit increases as donation increases.

  • All proceeds are donated to larger organizations that are working against the global plastic issue.  

  • Company logo and location will be featured on our website as a proud distributor of BioBeads and a supporter of our mission.

*Business/company must be local to the Jersey Shore


Option #2: Donation

  • Any business may make a donation to support The Ersatz Project.

  • Company logo and website link will be featured on our website as a proud supporter of our cause.