A Bead with a Belief

   The result of a five year long research endeavor, BioBead bracelets are more than just an accessory. Handcrafted from biodegradable plastic, BioBeads (no, not the laboratory absorbents) are a symbol of a change and a want to reduce the damage being dealt by excessive plastic pollution.


Unlike regular plastic jewelry, BioBeads are built to break down, meaning that they return to nature without causing harm to us or our environment. Therefore, BioBeads won't contribute to a swarm of ocean microplastic or migrate up the food chain. Containing no harsh chemicals, our beads are made with ingredients you can find in your kitchen.


Enhanced with infusions of local beach sands and eel grass, each BioBead has its own unique beauty. With this small product, we hope to spread awareness of the planet's plastic problems without adding to them further. Each time you admire your BioBead bracelet, we hope it's a reminder of our belief that we can replace plastic with products that are good to us, and our environment!


BioBeads are designed to return to the environment, meaning that exposure to elements such as heat, light, and water can hasten the process. Store your bracelet in a cool, dry place to avoid damage and premature decay. While BioBeads are water-resistant, it is not recommended to submerge them for long periods of time.