The Ersatz Project

Replacing Plastic with Sustainable Alternatives


Who We Are

   The Ersatz Project is an initiative with a goal of reducing the amount of plastic pollution that destroys ecosystems worldwide, starting in Lavallette, New Jersey. With BioBeads, the Ersatz Project aims to share the beauty of bio-based plastics while helping fund other organizations with similar objectives.

   100% of proceeds and donations are used to assist other local and worldwide organizations that also share our mindset and are working to lessen the harmful effects of plastic waste. Click here if you are interested in donating or selling BioBeads at your business local to the Jersey Shore.

The Power of Plants

Learn how the Ersatz Project is turning plants into positivity with BioBeads.


Take Action

Find out how you can aid our cause and spread awareness.

Our Mission

To see our full mission, click on the button below. Some examples of what we do are:

  • Spread awareness through the sales of BioBead bracelets.

  • Raise funds to support fellow organizations that share the same vision.

  • Inform viewers on topical environmental issues through our blog.

Recent Blog Posts
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One of the biggest problems when combating plastic pollution is the immense amount of single-use products that are thrown out on a daily basis. Most people don’t care about...


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